Instrument Interfacing for any LIMS

The Online ELN Worksheet is a flexible and advanced Instrument Interfacing System designed to integrate the laboratory at the bench level and to standardize all analytical techniques (SOP’s). It handles all the complex raw data manipulations allowing only clean and formatted final results to be forwarded to any Database or LIMS system.

The Online ELN Worksheet is a perfect Lab Execution System (LES).

Online ELN Worksheet, Instrument Interfacing System
Online ELN Worksheet, Instrument Interfacing System

Online ELN Worksheet simplify the LIMS and standardize laboratory production

Companies with more than one laboratory and several branches often have very complex LIMS because the LIMS structure is often different in each laboratory or branch. However, a close look at the LIMS system reveals a common pattern at the lab bench level, reflecting the production of the laboratory (Figure 1).

LIMS mess structure found in many systems
Horrible LIMS structure

At the lab bench level, every laboratory performs certain tasks (often using a LIMS), independent of the country it is located in or the product or service it provides:

  • Register work requests & schedule work
  • Print analytical worksheets
  • Monitor and communicate sample/technique backlogs
  • Acquire and store analytical data
  • Monitor the quality for all analytical work
  • Approve analytical data for client release
  • Protect security of all data
  • Track and locate samples in storage

All what is needed to simplify the LIMS structure is to separate business level information (LIMS) from the laboratory production level information (Online ELN Worksheet) (Figure 2). Standardization then becomes easy to implement. The laboratory production is standardized regardless of the country where the laboratory is located or the type of laboratory (environmental, metal, food, etc).

Online EWS Worksheet simplifies any LIMS structure
Clean LIMS structure

Although the simplification of the LIMS and the standardization of the laboratory production are the primary objectives, the new system must make the jobs of the bench personnel easier to be successful.

Benefits of this Instrument Interfacing System

The Online ELN WorkSheet is an essential add-on tool to any LIMS system and will increase the LIMS value through enhanced functionality and flexibility.

  • Simplifies the LIMS data model and structure by delivering only clean and formatted data
  • Centralizes all QA/QC at the technique/method level
  • Standardizes a diversified company by providing a common system at the techniques level
  • Dramatically reduces LIMS implementation costs
  • Reduces training time by focusing on user expertise
  • Increases acceptability by staff because they can design and configure method-specific worksheet
  • Reduces pressure on IT personnel
  • Helps achieve ’21 CFR Part 11′ compliance
  • Extremely fast data access and queries
  • Very low maintenance cost, “off-the-shelf system”

Productivity benefits

Productivity is the key and main reason for incurring the cost and effort of acquiring an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). Online Worksheet offers more productivity benefits than any other system of its type.

  • Rapid payback by decreasing operation expenses
  • Eliminates manual data entry and calculation errors
  • Increases laboratory revenue, high data throughput
  • Increases manufacturing revenue by delivering data faster
  • Provides Regulatory Compliances guidelines via an electronic system
  • Data analysis and management tools for the QC officer
  • Data validation against an integrated QA/QC system
  • Reduces service & maintenance cost; of the shelf product

Protecting your investment

Online ELN Worksheet will protect your LIMS investment by adding flexibility and providing new functionality to your existing system. Online Worksheet will also reduce the cost of new LIMS development by freeing the new system from the complex data handling and instrument interfacing routines. We strongly believe in saving your overall investment in software, training and data automation. We offer maintenance and support programs to ensure that your system will always be up to date with leading edge laboratory software and data automation technology.

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