Regular Expression for Lab Equipment Interfacing

Regular Expression

In our continued efforts to make a LIMS interface more accessible, open and configurable by the end user, we have added Regular Expression Tools to our Lab Equipment Interfacing. This powerful technology allow end users to create or modify interfaces, for either single or multi element instruments, to capture and transfer data into the Online Worksheet (OnWsh) or Embedded Worksheet Device (eWsh) without the need of additional IT support. An example of single element instrument is an analytical balance, and a LECO or AAS, is a good example of a multi-element instrument.

Online LIMS laboratory instrument interfaces are already available for the most common instrument vendors including: Ohaus, Mettler Toledo, Sartorius, PE Perkin Elmer, Millennium, Agilent, Varian, Chemstation, Beckman, Leco, Fluke, Orion, Dosimat and many other instruments that deliver data trough RS232 communications port. Additionally data can also be captured from instruments with analog outputs by using analog to digital converters.

Both the OnWsh and eWsh are ELN / LES (Electronic Laboratory Notebook / Lab Execution System).