Exposure at Key Mining Events

Online LIMS Broadens Exposure at Key Mining Events in Latin America

This year, Online LIMS attended two important mining trade shows throughout South America. In April, the Online LIMS team attended Expomin in Santiago de Chile. Expomin occurs every two years and is the largest mining show in Latin America. With over 70,000 visitors and over 1200 exhibitors, this event draws all of the major players from the global mining industry.

Key Mining Events
Expomin Chile


“We were glad to see that the slowdown in the mining sector didn’t impact the networking opportunities at the event,” says Esteban Timmermann of Online LIMS.   “All of the industry’s major players were there and we had many opportunities to learn about new advancements in the industry, and share our technology with the mining world.”

Key Mining Events
Expomina Peru


More recently in September, Online LIMS attended Expomina in Lima, Peru. A smaller event than Expomin, but a strong turnout supporting a Peruvian mining industry that is quickly becoming a world leader. The Online LIMS team had the opportunity interact with others in the industry who are looking for new technologies and solutions to support the growing sector in Peru.