Flexibility and customization are vital for Lab Information Management Systems in any industry. Today’s lab environments need a LIMS that can be transformed to meet the changing needs, protocols, and workflows of your specific industry or operations. Whether you’re running lot samples, batch samples, or both, an integrated and adaptable LIMS keeps your lab operating efficiently.

With that in mind, we designed our Online LIMS products with the ultimate in flexibility and integration. Online LIMS offers contract service labs and production labs seamless lot and batch management, automated data monitoring with alerts, and QA/QC features that let you deliver quality results to your clients confidently. All of our products come with on-site training so your team can hit the ground running, with easy configuration without coding or specialized IT support.

To support your need for accessible data, Online LIMS helps you work in the cloud. Our products work with MQTT protocols for integration to loT/M2M cloud-based platforms like SAP HANA, IBM loT Foundation Device Cloud, Google Cloud and others.

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