As a Food and Beverage lab, you understand how closely regulated your industry and clients are. Quality and safety are paramount at all stages from food chemistry to food testing, product development and formulation. Online LIMS helps you offer your clients peace of mind while delivering results quickly and efficiently.

With Online LIMS, you can assure your clients that the sanitation, hygiene, HACCP standards, and any special containment or processing are part of a strict SOP monitored automatically as part of their customized workflow. QA and QC standards are built into the Online ELN Worksheet so you are alerted when trace contaminants are identified or other critical conditions exist. The ability to simultaneously run routine and non-routine testing combined with centralized data access makes it easy for you to maximize your lab resources and improve turnaround times.


Beverage and Food Labs

Productivity Benefits

  • Improved revenue through faster turnaround times
  • Reduced data transcription errors through automation
  • Immediate notification of errors through monitoring and alert system
  • Data auditing and security
  • Low system service and maintenance cost
  • Interface with external contract laboratories
  • Quality Control QA/QC integration
  • Integration with external systems (MRP, ERP, PIMS, PI-Osisoft, acQuire, Algosys, etc.)
  • Integration to instrumentation process by MODBUS and MQTT protocol standards

Sample Management

  • Process both routine and non-routine samples (Lot & Batch)
  • Full chain of custody and sample tracking data
  • Sample labels and bar codes, RFID
  • Real-time work list management
  • Sample management (login, registration integrity, life cycle tracking, etc.)
  • Chain of custody and sample tracking
  • Sample Inventory and Storage

Lab and Analysis

  • Color coded real-time Worklist management and status
  • Instrument integration for data automation
  • Interactive QA/QC monitoring: Standards and Duplicates
  • SOP and protocol rules in each ELN Worksheet
  • User-friendly Excel-like spreadsheet and formulas
  • Store analytical data without losing significant digits
  • Laboratory environmental monitoring
  • Regulatory compliances guidelines
  • Instrument management (calibration, maintenance, alerts)
  • Consumable Inventory Management