Labs operating in the energy sector look to Online LIMS for solutions that are flexible and customizable to their individual needs. Centralized project management and workflow planning features helps labs work and communicate more efficiently between departments and locations. Combined with automated data collection, analysis, and reporting, most labs see improved workflows, increases in productivity, and declines in errors and turnaround times.

The energy sector demands data quality and integrity. Online LIMS QA/QC features, and SOP integration helps labs deliver reliable data. Automatic monitoring and alerts keep you on top of any issues or concerns that require your immediate attention. Plus, Online LIMS products integrate with data from weather forecasting services like MeteoGroup, giving you access to current and historical forecasting data. We also support MODBUS and MQTT protocols for linking remote solar charge controllers and inverters to your database.



Online LIMS for Energy Laboratories

Productivity Benefits

  • Both field measurement and instrumentation in same batch
  • Immediate notification of errors through monitoring and alert system
  • Data auditing and security
  • Low system service and maintenance cost
  • Quality Control QA/QC integration
  • Integration with external systems (MRP, ERP, PIMS,  etc.)
  • Integration to instrumentation process by MODBUS and MQTT protocol standards
  • Cloud Database

Sample Management

  • Full chain of custody and sample tracking data
  • Sample labels and bar codes, RFID
  • Real-time work list management
  • Chain of custody and sample tracking
  • Sample Inventory and Storage

Lab and Analysis

  • Store analytical data without losing significant digits
  • Color coded real-time Worklist management and status
  • Interactive QA/QC monitoring: Standards and Duplicates
  • SOP and protocol rules in each ELN Worksheet
  • User-friendly Excel-like spreadsheet and formulas
  • Laboratory environmental monitoring
  • Regulatory compliances guidelines
  • Instrument management (calibration, maintenance, alerts)
  • Consumable Inventory Management