Regardless the size of your laboratory, controlling inventory is one of the most important things you can do to optimize your company’s efficiency. Monitoring consumable materials, supplies, reagents, lab instruments, and equipment can be very time consuming and difficult. With a Consumable Inventory Management System an efficient control of this is possible, and it will increase your productivity and reduce costs.

Optimizing your laboratory’s budget and improving its efficiency can be a reality with our solutions.

OnCIM: Consumable Inventory Management

Online LIMS has created OnCIM to help you manage your lab’s inventory. OnCIM, a Consumable Inventory Management system, can be implemented in your laboratory regardless its size and production level. OnCIM will give you the perfect starting point for an efficient laboratory. With OnCIM , you can manage your consumables outflow through tests and job specific uses.

The Solution:

Real life data and flexible reports will help you control your consumables stocking levels, optimize your re-ordering system, and control your project-required stocking. You can use OnCIM’s reports and historical data to find the optimal point between storage costs and stocking levels costs. This allows you to see which products are used most often and how many are used per week or per month. With this knowledge your company can get better deals from your lab supply dealers on the products you’ll be stocking in large quantities.

Consumable Inventory Management
Consumable Inventory Management

Inventory Management

OnCIM – Consumable Inventory Management:

OnCIM can be self-configured to manage reagents by a variety of units of measure like grams, cubic meters, and liters. Consumables can be categorized and configured directly into any test from the worksheets in OnCIM. Each specific test can be preconfigured with the consumables and reagents needed for that required test, so you only need to configure a standard test once. An inventory system allows you capture all the laboratory materials and reagents that enter your laboratory warehouse, giving you information about product, such as the purchase date, cost, quantity and how much inventory form the actual product was found.

Monitoring the consumables outflow through tests and job-specific use will give you the exact cost for each analytical test, thereby helping you find the precise value of each analysis. With an automated destocking system, OnCIM also will show you inventory levels in real time.


All benefits derive from the ability to store, analyze, and monitor the laboratory consumables through a direct interface with the Online Worksheet.

OnCIM has the following features:

  • Real-time automation of consumables inventory, cost and quantity
  • Flexible inventory organization
  • User configurable reports and exporting tools (Excel, PDF, CSV)
  • Inventory System connected to the LIMS system
  • Very low maintenance cost
  • Historical reports to monitor changes and trends


Controlling and monitoring consumables outflow with the right tools will allow your company to make faster decisions with accurate information. A time-consuming, manual process will be transformed into a fast, automated process, where human errors in collecting and processing information will be reduced to zero. This will allow the company to concentrate its resources on its core functions and attain higher productivity and efficiency in its work.