eLINK a laboratory IoT Data logger device designed to connect instruments to any database. It acts as a Internet of Thinks IoT Data Logger device by reading instrument data and storing it directly into any SQL Database using a native ODBC interface.

The power of eLink Data Logger is its simplicity. The Hardware is based on an industrial embedded computer that offers several interfaces and an open architecture in order to be as flexible as possible. It has been designed for maximum lifetime and very low power consumption. Furthermore, it is very stable and robust since as it comes with a pre-installed Linux (embedded Debian).

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No additional HW, low power, industrial specs, run 24/7, embedded linux, full configurable by text file, direct database access via ODBC (this is unique in this type, ). Very small, easy to install, captures any serial port, parses the data and stores it directly on the database.


The eLINK device can be defined as a SQL Data Logger. It is used to connect any RS232 or USB device to a SQL database. Data is captured via a serial COM or USB port and parsed before data is stored on the database.

The eLINK device is used to monitor and store any instrument data like temperature of a stove, the weight of a balance, pressure, etc.

Due to regulatory compliances, many laboratories have to monitor they stoves, gases extraction, etc. For auditing this information can be easily stored into the LIMS database.


Data logging devices have the following advantages:

  • Analysis of data is made before it is stored on the database
  • Audit of data sources
  • Email alerts for strange behaviours
  • Email alerts if the instrument fails or requires calibration
  • Cloud storage through a native ODBC driver
  • Regular Expression parsing standard



An embedded system is a computer system designed to perform one or a few dedicated functions. It is embedded as part of a complete device that often includes the hardware and software.

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