Electronic Lab Notebook For Technicians

The Online ELN Worksheet is a powerful data management tool designed to integrate the laboratory at the bench level and to standardize all analytical techniques. It handles all the complex raw data manipulations allowing only clean and formatted final results to be forwarded to the Database / LIMS system.

Online ELN Worksheet
Online ELN Worksheet

This user-friendly tool enables analysts to structure and manage their workload by creating technique-specific worksheets. It captures analytical data from lab instruments, performs calculations, monitors data quality by tight integration with the advanced Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) system, and exports data to any LIMS or relational database.

Online ELN Worksheet
Online ELN Worksheet Structure


Online ELN Worksheet is also a workload management tool that enables analysts to manage and schedule their work. A unique color-coding scheme is used to quickly identify the status of the laboratory workload (jobs that are pending, completed, etc.) It comes with a complete range of instrument interfaces so that any analytical instrument can be easily linked to it.

OnWSH – Online ELN Worksheet

Online ELN Worksheet is the digital equivalent of a laboratory technician’s notebook. The advanced Excel-like worksheet that handles significant figures is technique-oriented and supports formulas, complex rounding algorithms and number formatting. Technicians can make changes as necessary in order to accommodate complex techniques that require combining multiple instruments, reference samples and correction parameters

onwsh sheet

The acceptance of Online ELN Worksheet by laboratory staff is considerably enhanced by their participation in the design and configuration of the method specific SOP templates. Chemists and technicians, learn to configure their own work environment, thus stimulating the use of the Online ELN Worksheet and relieving pressure on IT personnel.

“Online ELN Worksheet will quickly simplify all data handling in your laboratory, reducing excess data and complexity in the main system (LIMS) “

Quality Control Module

Online ELN Worksheet is integrated with a professional and interactive Quality Control / Quality Assurance module (OnLQC). When observed values are out of the specified range the chemist is automatically notified of the type and nature of the error before any data is released. The QA / QC system is linked to the SRM (Standard Reference Material) database where each test can be charted instantly in many different formats.

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Electronic Lab Notebook

Productivity Benefits

Productivity is the key and main reason for incurring the cost and effort of acquiring an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN). Online ELN Worksheet offers more productivity benefits than any other system of its type.

  • Rapid payback by decreasing operation expenses
  • Eliminates manual data entry and calculation errors
  • Increases laboratory revenue, high data throughput
  • Increases manufacturing revenue by delivering data faster
  • Provides Regulatory Compliances guidelines via an electronic system
  • Data analysis and management tools for the QC officer
  • Data validation against an integrated QA/QC system
  • Reduces service & maintenance cost; of the shelf product

ELN Features

OnWSH – Electronic Lab Notebook

  • Very easy to learn, Excel-like spreadsheet and formulas
  • Automatic calculation and storage of significant figures
  • Advanced number formatting system
  • Stores analytical data without losing significant digits
  • Technicians design their own technique templates
  • Full cell formatting features (font type, colors, borders)
  • Data validation against QC database
  • Raw instrument data available on-screen
  • Full auditing and traceability back to raw instrument data
  • Configurable levels of Audit trail and user access
  • Integrated Quality Control Module

Data Management and Statistics System

  • Real-time work list generation for pending work
  • Color coded real-time work status
  • Advanced filtering and querying capability
  • Sample tracking system

Instrument Interface System

  • Simple, fast connection to many instruments
  • Instrument database for service and calibration checks
  • Stores all instrument data (inc. calibration) for traceability
  • Supports uni- and bi-directional instrument interfaces
  • On-line or manual input of instrument data

Database / LIMS Interfacing System

  • Flexible interfaces through SQL, shared files and plug-ins
  • Two-way LIMS communication and feedback
  • Flexible data export formats (CSV, TXT, Excel, XML)
  • Prioritized pending work lists and report updates