online training TrainingOnline Training

Online or on-site Training is important for Online LIMS. Effective training of lab personnel, in the operation and configuration of the system is essential to ensure a successful LIMS implementation. The better trained the lab staff is with Online LIMS tools the more effective and efficient the lab will run.
Remote LIMS support tools are configured during the Online LIMS installation. This software enables our support team to literally “jump into your computer” when support is requested from lab users. Using this remote support technology, Online LIMS is able to provide additional personalized help and training long after the initial installation.

online training DownloadsELN Training

We offer a personalized online training for the ELN Worksheet. This training covers all the topics for setting up the SOP’s and Quality Control in a Worksheet template.

Please contact Online LIMS to get a personalized training.

online training SystemInterfacesSystem Interfaces

Interfaces to external systems (e.g. ERP, Process plant, Geology, Metallurgy, Accounting…) need to be in place for the lab to deliver assay results to its clients. These interfaces should be easy to use. Online LIMS provides several SQL Server tools to allow the creation of third party interfaces as easy as possible.

online training InstrumentInterfacingInstrument Interfacing

The Online Worksheet is designed as an instrument integrator and can automatically retrieve data from almost any lab instrument. For equipment that are not already handled by the Online Worksheet please contact Online LIMS support and request the new instrument interface by specifying the type and model of the instrument together with a small sample out.

online training SystemDesignSystem Design

Online LIMS applications are developed based on the client-server architecture and require zero configuration to be installed in client computers, only short-cuts of the Online LIMS application modules need to be created on the client machines. This represents a huge savings for IT by reducing support and maintenance cost, with all configuration and updates managed centrally on the server.

online training DatabaseSpecificationsAmazon Web Services

For labs that are interested in taking advantage of cloud computing Online LIMS offers support and expertise for hosting databases and servers using Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure Services.

online training ClientSpecificationsLaboratory Specifications

Online LIMS applications run in any Windows OS version from XP up to Win10, and require the same minimum specifications as MS Office. Computers that connect to instrument might require a COM port or a USB to RS232 converter cable.

online training ServerSpecificationsServer Specifications

Processor: Intel® Xeon® 2.0GHz or better
Memory: > 8GB
Hard Drive: > 500GB
Network Card: 1GB
Operating System: > Windows Server 2008
Database: > Microsoft SQL Server 2008